TIGERCRUSHER 2LSX1115 Brechanlage

TIGERCRUSHER 2LSX1115 Brechanlage
Foto: TIGERCRUSHER 2LSX1115 Brechanlage
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Typ Brechanlage
Baujahr 2015
Ort China Shanghai
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID UD10198
Fahrzeugnummer 2LSX1115 SAND WASHER
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
Movement type: Static
Crusher operation: Secondary
Production country: China
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Model 2LSX1115
Screw diameter [MM] 1115
Length of tube [MM] 9782
Selected size[MM]
Capacity [T/H] 350
Screw rotatiom speed[r/min]17
Power[kw] 2*15
Water consumption [T/H]40-300
Weight [T]17.94
Overall dimension[MM] 10970*5250*4720
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