REMU BF 2200 Schwimmbagger

REMU BF 2200 Schwimmbagger
Foto: REMU BF 2200 Schwimmbagger
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Marke REMU
Modell BF 2200
Typ Schwimmbagger
Baujahr 2013
Ort Niederlande Tegelen
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID WU8632
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
1 x Used Remu Big Float 2200
Year: 2013
S/n: 100027L+R
Consisting of:
2 x Remu pontoons with hydraulic widening system.
1 x connecting table (at this moment ready for CAT 320CL or DL)
2 x additional Pontoons for added stability in deep water (unused)
2 x spudpole for securing the unit to the bottom (unused)
- Tracks and chains similar to normal excavator. Strong, proven quality (much stronger than “Malaysian” type floating pontoons).
- BF2200 can be hydraulically adjusted.
- Easy to transport. With the track pulled together the transport width is 3,50 mtr.
- Digging depth: 9 mtr (with CAT 320 with 16mtr Long Reach mounted).
- Maximum working depth without additional pontoons: 1,80 mtr
- When working in deeper water, the additional pontoons should be added for extra buoyancy and stability.
- The spudpoles are used to secure the unit to the bottom, so that the machine doesn’t move while digging or when working in conditions where current occurs
CE marked
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