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TATRA - T 815 woodcarrier
Baujahr - 1989
Motorleistung - 282PS
Euro - 1
Slowakei, Levice
6.900 €
TATRA - T 815 (id:6912)
Baujahr - 1996
Motorleistung - 306PS
Kilometerstand - 527000km
Tschechien, Lhota pod Libčany
10.795 €

Verkauf von TATRA T 815 P Holztransporter LKW

8.500 €
Beschreibung: Gesamtgewicht - 23160 kg.
Achsen: Achsen - 3, Radformel - 6x6.
Bremsen: Motorbremse.
398.061 km.
Baujahr: 1994.
Getriebe: Schaltgetriebe.
Achsen: 3.
TATRA T 815 woodcarrier with crane.
r.v. 7/1994.
398061 km.
manuál gearbox.
tyres 40 %.
weight 9500 kg.
loading capacity 13660 kg.
max. weight 23160 kg.
trailer DAV r.v. 6/1994.
drum brakes.
weight 3900 kg.
loading capacity 12100 kg.
max. weight 16000 kg.
price for the unit 8500 eur netto.
+421 902 666 662 - We speak English.
+421 948 401 414 - We speak English.
+421 914 666 000 – We speak German.
Export plates and insurance.
available for 1 month : 300,-Eur/truck.
COMPANIES FROM EUROPEAN UNION- If the truck is buying the company from European union.
the company has to pay depozit for VAT/ TAX/ MwSt. 500 eur ( for the price of the truck less than 20000,- eur) or 1000 eur ( for the price of the truck more than 20000 eur,- eur). We charge this depozit to make sure you will admit purchasing of the truck in EU in your Revenue authority. We need confirmation from your Revenue authority that the truck that you bought from us is in your country and that you pay VAT for it. After sending us that confirmation by e-mail we will send you your depozit back to your bank account.
COMPANIES OUTSIDE OF EUROPEAN UNION-If the truck is buying the company outside of the European Union.
the company has to pay depozit 500 eur for the coll documents. Coll documents will be confirmed on the boarder of the European Union.
you will send us that confirmed document back and we will give you 500 eur back.
If you are planning to visit our company please bring us these documents: your complete company details (registration papers of the company.
confirmation about European Union TAX NUMBER..).
copy of the passport of the boss of the company or authorization for the employee.
if the boss is not coming personally).
Dieses Angebot dient nur zur Orientierung. Bitte fragen Sie Detailinformationen beim Verkäufer an.