Eutectic Tube / Beams Kühlaggregat

Eutectic Tube / Beams Kühlaggregat
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Ersatzteilnummer Eutectic Tube / Beams - FOR LOW temperature Refrigeration - vehicles & boats - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICES.
Standort Vereinigtes Königreich
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Weitere Informationen — Eutectic Tube / Beams Kühlaggregat

We have a large number of - Eutectic tubes / beams - USED FOR SPARES OR REPAIRS
Cheapest and most reliable refrigeration available for right application.
These are Eutectic beams used for low temperature applications down to -30 Deg C where no power is available during transit - brilliant for Ice cream and Frozen food or Frozen Fish in boats - have been known to last for 15 hours plus at -20 Degrees C without any refrigeration running when installed in suitably insulated areas.
We have condensing units available as well if required for a full system - 3 phase (additional costs)

We also have some beams suitable for chilled compartmnets with higher boiling point for POSITIVE temps during transit
We have a fan assisted box that covers the 1.9M beams

Banks of 4 x 5 = 20 in total - ( other quantities available upon request ) 20 x BEAMS AS PRICED BELOW
Length - approx. 4M / 14ft long
Low temperature solution -33 Deg C

Eutectic systems consist of hollow tubes, beams or plates filled with an eutectic brine to store energy and produce a cooling effect whenever necessary to maintain the correct temperature in the refrigerated container. Eutectic system is suitable for long distance distributions as well as door-to-door deliveries and is ideal for an operation with multiple stops and door openings.

The operating principle of the eutectic refrigeration system is just as simple as it is efficient. Unlike conventional systems, eutectic refrigeration uses cold source provided by an eutectic solution instead of direct expansion of refrigerant gas. The eutectic plates or beams are charged at night on mains power using off-peak electricity. They store the cold energy and gradually release it in the form of cold air, thus refrigerating the area around.

Refrigerated body with an eutectic system is independent from chassis, therefore stable temperature is ensured at all times. Once the eutectic plates are charged, they provide a reliable, rapid cooling for a specific duration of time even with frequent door openings. Merchandise is preserved in case of vehicle failure.

Eutectic system does not use diesel, making refrigerated bodies with eutectic cooling an eco-friendly alternative, compatible both with electric trucks and internal combustion engines. Due to zero emissions and an absence of engine noise, such refrigerated trucks are ideal for multi-drop operations, especially in urban areas
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