Neue Finn Rotor - Rotators Andere Ausrüstung

neue Finn Rotor - Rotators Andere Ausrüstung
Foto: neue Finn Rotor - Rotators Andere Ausrüstung
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237 €
≈ 274 $
Typ Andere Ausrüstung
Baujahr neu
Ort Polen Kraków
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID YG5781
Allgemeiner Zustand
Allgemeiner Zustand neu
Verfügbar 3
Zusatzinformationen: Polnisch
Finn Rotor - Rotators

We offer wide range of rotators.


A light-weight and effective hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation for agricultural loaders.

Rotation angle: unlimited
Max. working pressure 200 bar
Displacement: 300 cm3
Torque (200 bar): 780 Nm
Max. axial force: 30 kN
Safe working load: 2000 kg
Weight: 16 kg

„We are offering for international customers full range of rotators.

Export prices for all range rotators available.

We can offer international delivery thought our shipping logistic partners like DHL, Raben, DBSchenker.

Please contact us, we will help you to select the right solution.
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