Neuer the best buckets Baggerlöffel

neuer the best buckets Baggerlöffel
Foto: neuer the best buckets Baggerlöffel
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Typ Baggerlöffel
Baujahr 2016
Ort Sambia Lusaka
Anzeigendatum Jun 27, 2017
Autoline ID NY6594
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Allgemeiner Zustand neu
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
We know everything about buckets and we can make any bucket according to your request!
”Professional” mining buckets are made of high-duty and wear proof steels made in Germany and Japan, with observance of all modes of treatment and welding, which is a warranty of high robustness and wear resistance.
The buckets are equipped with the top quality spare parts - ESCO, MTG, lining elements Overlay, that approved themselves in the market long ago.
We can produce both rock and rock super reinforced buckets for you.
Thanks to our great experience of mining buckets production and well-functioning logistics system we guarantee on-time delivery and low price of our products.

Worldwide delivery! High quality. Product warranty!
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