SCANIA P410 4x4 Tanklöschfahrzeug

SCANIA P410 4x4 Tanklöschfahrzeug
Foto: SCANIA P410 4x4 Tanklöschfahrzeug
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Modell P410 4x4
Typ Tanklöschfahrzeug
Baujahr 06/2011
Erstzulassung 07/2011
Kilometerstand 2418 km
Sitzplätze 5
Ort Vereinigtes Königreich Quedgeley
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID JQ4496
Achsen 2
Achsenkonfiguration 4x4
Reifengröße 395 85R20 XZL
Reifenzustand 100 %
Wasserbehälter 4500 l
Allgemeiner Zustand
Allgemeiner Zustand sehr gut
Fahrgestell-Nr. CB4X4HH2 4YS2P4X40002065
Farbe rot
Verfügbar 1
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
This vehicle has never been used operatioanlly and is an as new factory condition

Scania P410 4X4 Dual role fire Vehicle specification

Manufactured and tested to CAP 168
CE marked in compliance with EC/ directive 98/37
Full manufacturer certification available
Rear body one piece GRP module manufactured by Plastisol

Scania 4x4 Purpose built for Airport Fire use Chassis no
Single rear wheels
Auto box
PTO, pump and roll at 8kph
Transfer box 2 speed, diff locks front and rear
ABS Brakes
Tyres Michelin 395/85 R 20 XZL plus spare
Acceleration 0 to 80kph 24.8 seconds
Stabilty bed angle 30 degree
Approach angle 30.4
Departure angle 33.2
Inter axle 14.9degree
Ground clearance under locker 350 mm

Scania double cab , seating driver and officer in front, rear compartment 3 crew c/w with BA stowage for all crew

Godiva WSA4010/06/310 Aluminium Alloy 5500lpm rear mounted
Water tank Capacity 4690 Litres Useable 4500 Litres
Charge in rear locker one LH one RH
Dash mounted contents gauges
Foam tank Capacity 696 Litres Useable 688 Litres
Dash mounted contents gauge
System pressure 12 bar
Main monitor
Monitor high 2624 LPM Throw 69m
Monitor low 1480 LPM Throw 48m
Roof mounted joy stick controlled from the cab
Monitor depression 6.5m in front of vehicle
Monitor rotation 110 degree either side
Monitor spread 9m
Bumper monitor
Monitor flow 797 LPM
Monitor throw 38M
Monitor spread 5m
Restricted Handline
One each side in rear locker set at 7 bar at 450 LPM
Cab controlled , manual override at Valve
Unrestricted Handline
One each side in rear locker manual operation at valve

Under bodies
Flow rate 282 LPM mounted front, middle ,rear.
Low pressure hose reel
One low pressure hose reel , electric rewind fitted LH rear locker, flow at 12 Bar 134 LPM terminating in a Akron 1704 branch
Supplementary media
135 kg Perren Dry powder unit c/w hose reel and applicator
Foam system
Around the pump automatic proportioner set at either 3% or 6% to CAP 168
Supplies to Monitor high, monitor low, bumper monitor, LH and RH restricted deliveries, under body, hose reel.
Flushing Automatic
Manual override for foam valve, water valve and monitor valve
Dash mounted controls
Manual override switch (air release)
LH Delivery
RH Delivery
Bumper monitor
Water valve
Foam valve
Water/foam contents
Mast up warning
Main on illumination
Deck lights
Scene lights
110 VOLT Generator controls
Obs light
Locker lights
Front and rear blues
Bumper monitor joy stick
Main monitor joy stick
Pressure gauge
Ancillary equipment
Scene lights fitted
Telescopic mast fitted with 3 x 500 watt 110 volt head lights
240 volt mains input plug
Automatic battery charger
Air brake top up compressor
Honda roof mounted 110 volt generator operated from cab dash
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