Beretta T 151 S Bohrgerät

Beretta T 151 S Bohrgerät
Foto: Beretta T 151 S Bohrgerät
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Typ Bohrgerät
Ort Italien Felegara
Anzeigendatum Mär 25, 2017
Autoline ID PL5401
Motorleistung 129.36 kW (176 PS)
Farbe weiß
Zusatzinformationen: Italienisch
N°1 drilling rig, make Beretta, model T151 S with double rotary head.
Year of manufacture: 2008
Approx work hours: 3300
Diesel engine brand Deutz, 6 cylinders, turbo charged, power 176 hp.
Rotary head stroke 3550 mm
Max pull back force: 17000 kg
Folding crown block to reduce overall dimensions during transportation
Upper rotary head torque: 1250 kgm
Lower rotary head max torque 2300 kgm
Under the rotary diverter is installed on the lower rotary head
Three clamps with max passage 300 mm
Clear water pump: max delivery 200 lt/min, pressure 50 bar
Drilling control panel on articulated arm

For water research and geothermal works
Good general conditions
Immediately available.

Price on requests.
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