MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1851 LS Sattelzugmaschine

MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1851 LS Sattelzugmaschine
Foto: MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1851 LS Sattelzugmaschine
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44.900 €
≈ 48.892 $
Typ Sattelzugmaschine
Erstzulassung 03/2011
Kilometerstand 558000 km
Nutzlast 11360 kg
Nettogewicht 19000 kg
Ort Belgien Aartselaar
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID PZ9834
Motorleistung 514 PS (377.8 kW)
Zylinderanzahl 8
Euro V
Typ PowerShift
Achsenkonfiguration 4x2
Federung Luft/Luft
Radstand 3900 mm
Typ MegaSpace
Autoradio CD
Cruise control (Tempomat)
AdBlue Tank 95 l
Fahrzeugnummer 16116S0044
Farbe silber, Metallic
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
Steering: left,
5th-wheel coupling,Jost JSK 37,H=150mm, man. lubr,
AdBlue tank, 95 l,
Assembly plate, 40 mm, for 20t 5th-wheel coupling,
Automatic frame lowering,
Axle ratio i = 2.733 (HL6/8),
Emissions monitoring for nitrogen oxide (NOx),
Exhaust silencer, tailpipe downwards,
Fifth wheel exterior angle, with hole pattern,
Front axle 7.5 t,
Front axle with air suspension,
Front axle, offset,
Front underride guard (EC),
Fuel pre-filter, heated water separator,
Integral rear end,
Main tank, left, 550 l, aluminium,
On-Board Diagnosis 2, with NOx check,
Rear axle H8, 13.0 t, crown wheel 485,
Side skirts, aerodynamic,
Silencer, SCR cat. conv., medium, stainless steel,
Splash guard (EC), front,
Steering LS 6/LS 8,
Tank-cap lock,
Air compressor, 2-cylinder, regulated,
BlueTec 5 (Euro V),
Clutch supplier F&S,
Fan, increased output,
Mercedes PowerShift 2,
Mercedes PowerShift G 281-12/14.93-1.0,
Top air intake rear, frame-mounted air cleaner,
Viscous coupling, electromagnetic, for fan,
Blind, 2-section, electric,
Carpet, engine tunnel,
Co-driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer,
Comfort cab mountings, air-sprung,
Comfort cockpit,
Curtain, along side of bed/bunk(s),
Digital clock with alarm function,
Drawer above engine tunnel, pull-out,
Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer,
Extended central locking, with remote control,
Exterior rear-view mirror, chrome-plated cover,
Floor mat, rubber, driver's and co-driver's side,
Front mirror, aerodynamic,
Headlamp cleaning system,
Interior nightlighting, blue, dimmer control,
Leather steering wheel,
Luxury bed, bottom,
Megaspace cab,
Mercedes star, illuminated,
Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door,
Rain sensor and automatic headlamp activation,
Refrigerator box, 25 l, in drawer, pull-out,
Sliding/tilting sunroof, electric, glass version,
Stowage compartments, top, with hinged lid,
Sunblind, side window on both sides,
Wide-angle mirror on driver's side, heated,
Windows, tinted, without sun filter,
Bi-xenon headlamps,
Brake and elec.connections,low,for semitr. tractor,
E-APU, electronic air processing unit,
2-way loudspeaker,
Adapter, 15-pin to 2x7-pin socket,
Additional socket, 12 V/15 A, firewall,
Air horns, cab roof,
Automatic cutouts,
Batteries, 2 x 12V/220 Ah, low-maintenance,
Battery sensor,
Instrument cluster, graphics-capable display,
Interface, fleet management system, parts data,
Provision for fitting CB radio,
PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992,
Telligent Lane Assistant,
Trailer socket, 15-pin,
Voltage transformer, 24 V/12 V, 15 A,
15-degree tapered rims, 9.00 x 22.5,
Wheel nut cap,
Comfort Pack Top,
Economy Pack Basic,
Mudguard centre piece, raised,
PTO, layshaft MB, 1b,
PTO, single,
Rear wing, 2550 mm vehicle width,
Safety Pack Basic,
Transmission oil cooling,
Wing, 3-piece, with EC splash guard,
Braking system, EPB II,
Control unit, Common Powertrain Control (CPC),
Noise reduction measures, EC 96/20,
Wiring harness, digit. tachogr. for telematics CAN
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