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10.600 €
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Modell CPCD40
Typ Gabelstapler
Baujahr 11/2014
Erstzulassung 11/2014
Betriebsstunden 5 m/Std.
Nutzlast 4000 kg
Nettogewicht 5180 kg
Ort China Qingdao
Anzeigendatum Mär 17, 2017
Autoline ID FX6052
Masttyp Duplex
Hubhöhe 3 m
Gabellänge 1.07 m
Gabelbreite 140 mm
Geschwindigkeit 20 km/h
Bruttogewicht 9180 kg
Abmessungen 2.97 m × 1.31 m × 2.17 m
Typ Reihenmotor
Motorleistung 57 PS (41.9 kW)
Kraftstoff Diesel
Batteriekapazität 100 Ah
Volumen 2980 cm³
Zylinderanzahl 4
Typ Automatik
Anzahl der Gänge 3
Achsen 2
Radstand 1900 mm
Reifengröße Pneumatic Tyre
Reifenzustand 100 %
Reifengröße 250-15-16PR
Reifenzustand 100 %
Reifengröße 6.5-10-12PR
Reifenzustand 100 %
Allgemeiner Zustand
Allgemeiner Zustand neu
TÜV 11.2017
Fahrzeugnummer 842720900
Farbe rot
Verfügbar 19
Zusatzinformationen: Englisch
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1. Intelligent Drive-monitoring System
The digital intelligent drive-monitoring system of our diesel forklift truck can facilitate obtaining the operation data of the diesel forklift easily, so as to achieve the whole-process control of the forklift.
2. Full Hydraulic Flexible Steering System
The full hydraulic steering system of our diesel forklifts can greatly reduce the fatigue of the operator. The steering system uses a horizontal oil cylinder on the compact steering axle and guarantees a reliable steering.
3. Classical Space Frame Structure
Our diesel forklift truck uses the classical YTO ASF space frame structure. It is ergonomically designed, aesthetic in appearance, compact in structure, and easy to operate.
4. Good-view Mast
The optimized rail section design of the mast enables the driver to enjoy a good and wide view.

Technical Specifications:
Model: CPCD40
Power Type: Diesel
Rated Capacity: 4000kg
Load Center: 500mm
Lifting Height: 3000mm
Mast Tilt Angel (F/R): 6/12 deg.
Front Overhang: 515mm
Wheel Base: 1900mm
Wheel Tread (F/R): 1040/980mm
Dead Weight: 5180kg
Free Lift Height: 170mm
Min. Turning Radius: 2710mm
Min. Ground Clearance - Under Mast: 135mm
Min. Ground Clearance - Wheelbase Center: 160mm
Service Brake: Hydraulic-Foot Pedal
Parking Brake: Mechanical-Hand Lever
Lifting Speed (full-load): 380mm/s
Lowering Speed: Full-load < 600mm/s, No-load > 300mm/s
Travel Speed (no-load): 20km/h
Max. Gradeability (full-load): 18%
Max. Tractive Force (full-load/no-load): 20/16kN
Weight Distribution with load (F/R): 7930/1520kg
Weight Distribution without Load (F/R): 2160/2990kg
Engine Model: A495BPG
Engine Manufacturer: XINCHANG
Engine Rated Power: 42kW/2650rpm
Max. Torque/rpm of Engine: 174N•m/1800rpm
Engine Displacement: 2.98L
Battery Voltage: 12V
Battery Capacity: 100Ah
Gearbox Transmission Type: Hydraulic torque converter
Gear Shift (F/R): I/I
Tyre Type: Pneumatic Tyres
Tyre Model - Front: 250-15-16PR
Tyre Model - Rear: 6.5-10-12PR
Fork Dimension: 50x140x1070mm
Overall Length (without fork): 2970mm
Overall Width: 1310mm
Overall Height - Mast Extended: 4240mm
Overall Height - Mast Lowered: 2170mm
Overall Height - Overhead Guard: 2170mm

1. Technical specifications are for standard models only.
2. Other optional accessories, functions and requirements are available upon request.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Engine:
Model: 4JG2
Manufacturer: ISUZU
Rated Power: 44.9kW / 2450rpm
Max. Torque: 186N•m /1800rpm
Displacement: 3.059L
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