FORD Expedition Rettungswagen

FORD Expedition  Rettungswagen
Foto: FORD Expedition Rettungswagen
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54.200 $
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Marke FORD
Modell Expedition
Typ Rettungswagen
Baujahr 2017
Anzeigendatum über 1 Monat
Autoline ID DJ10472
Maße (Laderaum) 5.6 m × 2.02 m × 1.94 m
Zustand neu
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Make: FORD
Ford Expedition EL 2017 XL27
Model Year : 2017
Transmission: 6 Speed Selectshift Automatic with O/D
Engine: 3.5L V6 Ecoboost® - PETROL
Horsepower: 385@5250 Net – (hp@rpm)
Dimension: Lx Wx H mm
Steering 464@2750 Net - (lb-ft@rpm)
5622 x2024 x 1974

Vehicle Specs.
1. Ambulance Conversion Specifications:
1 -C Extended Fibre Glass Roof

The Roof is raised 10inches minimum above regular height. The raised area is reinforced fiberglass
2 -C Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement and Covering of Patient's Cabin
Patient's compartment is acoustically and thermally insulated from all sides and air-conditioned (cooling and heating). The entire ambulance body, sides and roof of the patient compartment is insulated to enhance the cabinet environment; sound and air-conditioning criteria.
3 -C Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof)
Made of marine plywood and covered with heavy duty vinyl, washable, fungi and bacteria resistance. With 5cm roll up on the sides with alum .trim. With 18 mm thick, heavy-duty vinyl antislip, anti-static, and liquid-proof. The vinyl has ‘raised edges’ to ensure a complete seal of the floor isolated with polyurethane foam material.
4 -C Bulk Head (Divider) with Sliding Window
Full width and height partition bulkhead separates the driver and patient compartment. Bulkhead is installed between driver and patient compartment. The Bulkhead is made of plywood coated on both sides with 3 mm GRP. A Sliding Window 400 × 300 mm fitted on the Bulkhead. Bulkhead is installed between driver and patient compartment with a total width of 18 mm. The Bulkhead is made of plywood-coated on both sides with 3 mm GRP. A Sliding Window fitted on the Bulkhead.
5 -C Roof Type Ventilation Fan
Electrical System
6 -C Electric Panel & Fuse Box
7 -C Electrical and Electronic Wiring System with (2) 12V power outlet
8 -C 220 Volt Electrical Outlet
9 -C Extra Battery and Inverter 10 -C Seat Tip-up Bench with Storage compartment
A Tip-up Squad Bench with under seat storage area, Back Rests and Seatbelts The flip up seat are large enough for three seated person, and fitted with two hydraulic/ gas pressured hinges. Foam padding and upholstery works are used for the safety and comfort of the crew.
11 -C Cabinet for Medical Equipment and Medicines
The cabinets are constructed of PVC Integra Sheet with High Impact Strength, low flamability, Good Sound & Thermal Insulation, Non Corrosive and Resistance to Oscillation & Vibration Equipped with storage for medication and consumables. On left-hand side (LHS) of the Ambulance a full-length Medical Cabinet.
12 -C Oxygen System Technician Seat
Single foldable seat, with swivelling mechanism, adjustable headrest, 3 point automatic safety belt (European standards).Features: Adjustable armrest for both sides. Cover with easy clean vinyl upholstery with safety-belt for maximum safety and seating comfort
13 -C 2x Oxygen Regulator with Manometer
14 -C Oxygen Flowmeter and Humidifier
15 -C Oxygen Outlet - Amico Canada
16 -C Lighting System Oxygen System related Hoses
17 -C Siren System, Amplifier and Microphone
18 -C Public Address Alarm and LED Lightbar
19 -C 3 LED Warning Lights, rear of ambulance
20 -C 2 LED Warning Lights, each sides of ambulance
21 -C Complete General LED Lighting System for Patient's cabin
22 -C Reverse Alarm
23 -C I.V. Hook
24 -C Overhead Grab Handle
25 -C Fire Extinguisher (2 kg)
26 -C Livery, Window-tinting, Designing and Marking of Ambulance Body
27 -C Small Waste Bin for Sharp items
Note: Ambulance is furnished with Partition Wall

3. Medical Equipment:
1 -M Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer
Specifications: Round shape dial of Ø147 mm ;Special precise mechanism (180°direction adjust) for easy reading ;The back plastic basket is a holder of cuff; Nylon cuff with D-ring ;2-tube adult latex bladder ;Standard latex bulb; Air release valve with spring; Standard end valve; Spiral PVC tube (1.8 m)
2 -M 2x Oxygen Cylinders, Steel, 10L with Valve
Specification: Size: 10L Oxygen Medical Cylinders made of Steel , valve comes with safety pin for additional security.
3 -M Roll-in Chair Cot - Automatic Loading with 10G Crash Test EN 1789 & EN 1865
Specifications: Length: 192cm (unfolded) Width: 52cm; Cot Height: Max:
80cm Min: 20cm ; Loading Height: 64cm Chair Height: 140cm;Chair Depth: 114cm ;Weight: 32kg Load Limit: 180kg The latest Stretcher for increased speed. Ease of transfer of patient and is changeable to a Chair, with polymeric material on stretcher surfaces for comfort, attractiveness and longer durability. Comes with a foam mattress situated above the
Polymeric Board. With adjustable backrest position, swing down side arms, with undercarriage safety lock. Comes with set of three (3) restraints for patient and with front and rear fixing system.
Carries 2 years Warranty
Manufactured in accordance with EN 1865 and EN 1789

4 -M Portable Suction PS154A, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
(with Wall Bracket, Suction Pump-Italy , Suction Gauge- Austria)
Constructed in Accordance with IEC 60601.1 and ISO 10079-1
Dimensions: H: 28cm x W: 32cm x D13cm Weight: 6kg
Vacuum: -0.80 bar (at sea level) Displacment: 20lit/min Collection Capacity 1000ml. Equipped with rechargeable battery, low battery alarm, battery indicator and other advance feasibilities. With Autoclaveable suction jar,antibacterial filter and silicon tubes. Maintenance-free vacuum pump Type II First Aid Bag
Specifications: Dimension: 50cm x 26cm x17cm ; First Aid Bag made of corduroy waterproof fabric, interior frame reinforced with metal strip, lightweight, heavy duty, resistant and washable , extra visibility with reflector strips
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